Wednesday, November 6, 2013

junior is in

Recently, YH has taken to going to office with me on her no-school days. Yesterday was her third visit. So what does she do for the few hours that she’s there? Nothing much really... she reads her book and doodle on our used paper, but most of the time she’s playing games on my iPhone. On one of her earlier visits, one of the bosses actually offered her the spare laptop on seeing her playing on my iPhone. It seems quite boring to me being stuck in the office doing nothing much, so I asked her why does she like to follow me to office? In her words “I get to play iPhone whole day, eat Happy Meal and potatoes chips.” Yeah, games and junk food always work for kids. We have a mini pantry that is stocked with packs of potatoes chips and cheezels which she helps herself to, picking out her favorite flavour.

Just this morning, I asked her whether there’s school tomorrow. She happily replied “No, and I am going to your office.” Then she breaks into her cheeky grin.

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