Sunday, June 23, 2013

I want to fly

After being cooped up at home for two days due to hazardous haze level, we took the chance to venture outdoor when the haze level went down to acceptable level last night.

We made a trip to nearby Downtown East for dinner and had planned to catch a movie. Unfortunately, the good seats are taken. Then my girl, YH, spied the Mega Bounce and wanted to have a go. This is the first time that she’s on a bouncer, did she enjoy it? Here’s what she said:

Me: “Did you have fun?”
YH: “Yes!”
Me: “Why didn’t you jump very high?”
YH: “Because it is very scary, can I do it AGAIn??”

The conversation reminds me once again her love for adventure. When she was about 3 yrs old, we brought the kids to Universal Studios as a special treat for her brother’s 5th birthday. We went up the Junior Roller Coaster Ride, first time for both kids. After the ride, her brother was on the verge of tears and mummy dearest was feeling woozy, but she’s all charged up and ready for another ride up on the coaster. Thereafter, she practically wanted to try every single rides in the themed park.

My little Daredevil......