Saturday, December 14, 2013

we want food

We had our Annual Company Christmas Lunch yesterday at a lovely family-style Italian restaurant. When the food was served, I was reminded of a mini conversion I had with my kids last year.

Me: “Mummy is going for Xmas lunch with office people at a fancy restaurant tomorrow.”
Both kids went: “Oooo... can you bring us?”
Me: “Er... no, cos it is only for people working in my office.”
Kids: “Awww....” looking disappointed.
CF: “Oh, then can you whatapp the food pics to me?” My son really loves good food.
YH: “Yah, yah, can you tabao back for me?”
Me: “............”

hmmm.... so I know... which one is the geek and which one is the practical one.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


一路。。。 走好。

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

wordless wednesday: through the looking glass

Parkroyal on Pickering
PARKROYAL on Pickering, recipient of the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award
This shot was taken with my iPhone while on the way to office one day. It was raining very heavily, my cab stopped in front of the hotel while waiting for the traffic light.

Friday, November 8, 2013

in search of ellie

It all started when I was looking for new book titles for YH. I wanted stories that are not about princesses, fairies and boarding schools, stories that YH can relate to. Then a fellow mum blogger recommended Ellie Belly, a series of titles based on a local 7 year old girl very much like my own YH. What’s more, it is written by a local author Eliza Teoh.

So I went in search of Ellie Belly without much luck (ok, I admit, I wasn’t actively looking). Then one day, YH came home from school and passed a leaflet to me. Apparently, Eliza Teoh visited her school to promote Ellie Belly with an autographing session. YH informed me that a book vendor will be at her school the next day and insisted that I gave her some money to buy Ellie Belly. And so we got our first Ellie Belly: Huffy Puffy Panda. I love the simple storyline in a local set up which YH can relate to (hey, Huffy Puffy is about a Panda in Singapore Zoo, you can’t get more local than that). I love the simple English with occasional BIG words thrown in. I love how the BIG words are highlighted in bold and explained in easy-to-understand English in a call out box (knowing very well that most children will not be bothered to check out those words in the dictionary). I love how the author included real diary entries submitted by children (some entries are really funny).

We have since added two more titles to our Ellie collection and we heard that the sixth book has just been launched, awesome! Meet Eliza Teoh at the launch party on 10 Nov, 10am at SMU. There will be titles by other local authors as well. Find out the details on Ellie Belly fans page here. Hope we are able to get an autographed copy this time, see you at the party!

Big words are explained in call out boxes
Sample page of a diary entry

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

wordless wednesday: tree

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

junior is in

Recently, YH has taken to going to office with me on her no-school days. Yesterday was her third visit. So what does she do for the few hours that she’s there? Nothing much really... she reads her book and doodle on our used paper, but most of the time she’s playing games on my iPhone. On one of her earlier visits, one of the bosses actually offered her the spare laptop on seeing her playing on my iPhone. It seems quite boring to me being stuck in the office doing nothing much, so I asked her why does she like to follow me to office? In her words “I get to play iPhone whole day, eat Happy Meal and potatoes chips.” Yeah, games and junk food always work for kids. We have a mini pantry that is stocked with packs of potatoes chips and cheezels which she helps herself to, picking out her favorite flavour.

Just this morning, I asked her whether there’s school tomorrow. She happily replied “No, and I am going to your office.” Then she breaks into her cheeky grin.